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Our measuring guide will get you started but we recommend that you consult an expert for some complex areas such as stairs or a landing - or one that may require a join.

When measuring a room, simply measure the maximum length and width of the room. When measuring into a door, measure from the opposite skirting board to where the carpet will finish underneath the door.

We advise that a minimum of 10 centimetres is added to each measurement to allow for cutting and trimming or any shrinkage. If your room measures 6.03m length x 3.72m width, the correct size to be ordered is 6.13m length x 4m width. we supply most of our floorcoverings at 4 & 5m fixed width sizes. If you have a particularly large room then sections may have to be joined together.

To find out how much our floorcoverings cost and get a custom quotation, simply view any of our products and enter your measurements into the floorcovering cost calculator on the product page.