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Jute flooring

Jute Flooring / Jute Floor Coverings

Jute flooring - lustrous & soft

Jute fibers are naturally fine and particularly soft to the touch.

Giving a light, lustrous quality our natural Jute flooring is the perfect choice for spaces which require a little extra delicacy like bedrooms and snugs. Jute is made from the stalk of the giant Corchorus plant which grows in India and befitting of its warm roots has a lovely light brown shade which is beautifully showcased in all our 4 Jute ranges.

Our Ju-Tweed, Herringbone and Jhutex ranges are 100% pure woven Jute fiber and offer a soft, evenly textured surface which is very pleasing underfoot. Perak with the addition of 10% Cotton has a little extra durability and choice of 2 shades; Coffee and Cream which further update this classic natural floor covering material.

Suitability Information
Heavy Light H.Moisture Stairs Castor

looking for jute rugs?

Natural Jhutex (JT700)

Natural Jhutex
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Natural Herringbone (JT900)

Natural Herringbone
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Natural Ju-tweed (JT803)

Natural Ju-tweed
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